MoMA Acquires Christian Marclay’s Blockbuster Video Art (Time)Piece “The Clock”

09/28/2011 12:09 PM |

Still from The Clock (2010) by Christian Marclay.

  • Still from “The Clock” (2010) by Christian Marclay.

In an official announcement today the Museum of Modern Art confirmed what many art world insiders already knew, that the museum had acquired one of the six editions of Christian Marclay’s time-keeping supercut “The Clock” (2010), which caused hours-long waits outside Paula Cooper Gallery last winter when it was shown there. The museum has yet to announce how and when the 24-hour video work will be exhibited.

The epic clock montage is being gifted to MoMA by trustee Jill Kraus and her husband Peter. In the acquisition announcement, museum director Glenn D. Lowry says, “Created with virtuosic skill by the artist, ‘The Clock’ is a tour de force of mixing, editing, and montage as it draws attention to time as a multifaceted protagonist of cinematic narrative.”

“The Clock” most recently made headlines when, going against Marclay’s wishes, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts made plans to show the piece during an expensive gala event, going against the artist’s wish that there never be any additional admission charged for the specific viewing of the work. In response to a letter from Marclay, the MFA Boston altered its screening plans. MoMA, meanwhile, has yet to determine how it will show “The Clock.” Here’s an excerpt to tide you over.

(Image courtesy the artist, Paula Cooper Gallery)