MTA Beefcake? I Guess So…

09/12/2011 11:35 AM |

These men might be on your bus RIGHT NOW!

  • These men might be driving your bus RIGHT NOW!

Apparently there are enough hot MTA dudes to make a sexy calendar of them posing topless. Or least they hope there are. Right now they have six.

So far, five bus drivers and one dispatcher have made the cut for the calendar. Their photos have been posted on the the group’s Facebook page: Mentakingaction Ute.

The search is on for lucky Misters July-December. There are a ton of MTA employees out there, so at least six more of them have to be muscley and willing to pose semi-nude, right?

“We believe NYC Transit workers are just as hot as FDNY firefighters – if not hotter,” said Michelle Irons, one of the drivers from the Jackie Gleason depot in Brooklyn heading the project.

There is just some ineffable attractiveness associated with firefighters that doesn’t translate to the guy who makes the bus kneel. Like the running into a burning building to save a kitten sweaty ash running down the face thing? But it’s for a good cause so I’ll just shut up already.

Irons is a founding member of a group of community-minded bus drivers from Brooklyn called Men Taking Action/United Transit Employees.

The organization came up with the idea for a spread of toned transit workers, with the proceeds going to the American Sickle Cell Anemia Association, which provides services to people who have – or are at risk of developing – the blood disease.

According to Ms. Irons, Rawle Smith of the B35 is the beefiest of the cakes, so ladies and gentlemen of Church Avenue, keep your eyes peeled for your rippling-abbed pin-up guy. Or just buy the calendar, I suppose. Please note that I have made it through this entire blog post without making any horrible diesel puns. You’re welcome.

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