New Museum Announces Plans for Expansion Space Next-Door

09/09/2011 3:36 PM |

The New Museums new project space, a former restaurant supply store, at 231 Bowery.

  • The New Museum’s new project space, a former restaurant supply store, at 231 Bowery.

Back in 2008 the New Museum acquired the building directly to the south of its stack ‘o boxes on Bowery, formerly Daroma Restaurant Equipment (pictured), and after half-renovating it used it for a Rem Koolhaas exhibition about conservation in contemporary architecture. Since then, presumably, they’ve given the rest of the space the white cube makeover, and yesterday the NuMu announced a new program of special commissions and productions for 231 Bowery.

The programming series, dubbed Studio 231 and overseen by the New Museum’s Associate Director and Director of Exhibitions Massimiliano Gioni, will invite artists to treat the storefront space as a studio.

It will launch on October 26th with an installation and performance by London-based artist Spartacus Chetwynd and her usual gang of collaborators entitled Home Made Tasers, which will continue through January 1st, 2012. Widely exhibited in the UK and Europe, this will mark Chetwynd’s first solo show at an American Museum; she was selected by New Museum Associate Curator Gary Carrion-Murayari.

The series’ next artists have yet to be announced, and to what extent it will resemble a conventional studio residency remains unclear. How the conversion of the upper floors of the six-story building, presumably into office space, will affect the use of space in the NuMu’s main building is also unclear, though hopefully this will all lead to more gallery space.

And since you’re here, a reminder: admission to the New Museum will be free on Sunday, September 11th.