Pledge Lots of Money to La Blogothèque’s New Kickstarter Project, And Vincent Moon Will Make You a Movie, Anywhere in the World

09/16/2011 1:52 PM |

Monsieur Moon.

  • Monsieur Moon.

I already swooned about Vincent Moon, creator of La Blogothèque music video series, earlier this week, but this new project looks like it’s going to be particularly amazing, if funded (knock on wood).

Moon is working on a collection of four shorts from footage he took primarily as a fan at four separate All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals, featuring bands like Broken Social Scene, Explosions In The Sky, Four Tet, Animal Collective, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more. In typical Moon fashion, the films aren’t just straight concert footage either—they consist of transcendent little moments from “late night parties or early morning wanders” with the musicians, and are narrated by musical luminaries Saul Williams, Lydia Lunch and Josh T. Pearson. The goal, according to Moon’s Kickstarter video (below, after the jump), was to “explore the origin of music” through these experiences and conversations.

There are 29 days left to reach a $14,000 goal that will pay for the cost of post production (film editing, music clearances, sound mixing and web hosting fees). And, if you happen to be particularly loaded and pledge $5,000 or more, Vincent Moon has promised to make a film for you, anywhere in the world. (He said it on the internet, so it must be true.) So, here’s an idea: Who wants to start a $5,000 Kickstarter project to fund his Kickstarter project, so he can make a film for us, perhaps about Kickstarter projects? Can you dig it?