Selective Restoration Continues at Brooklyn Navy Yard

09/02/2011 1:50 PM |

The Brooklyn Navy Yards Sands Street Gate, in its original, medieval  state.

  • The Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Sands Street Gate, in its original, medieval state.

While, a few dozen feet away, the Timber Shed continues to rot away into nothing (currently it’s covered in vines; what will emerge as the weather cools is anybody’s guess), and around the corner the last of a stately row of admiral’s homes fall into similar states of disrepair, the last phase in the renovation of the castle-like Sands Street Gate to the Brooklyn Navy Yard has just gotten underway.

Brownstoner notes the recent assembly of scaffolding around the armory-like brick building, whose turrets have re-emerged in the last few years as a more recent and very ugly surrounding structure was taken down.

The restoration of the Sands Street Gate, which faces the Farragut Houses across the intersection of Sands and Navy streets at the crossroads of Vinegar Hill and Fort Greene, is expected to be completed by spring of 2012. How many of the Navy Yard’s other strange and unique historical buildings will have disappeared by then?

(Photo: NYPL)