That Is Totally Luke Rathborne in the New Washed Out Video

09/21/2011 1:59 PM |

What you see above is the latest video from Washed Out’s 80s-drenched swirl Within and Without, to which the Pitchfork people say, “The clip follows Ernest Greene (UPDATE: It’s not Ernest Greene) as he travels picturesque lands, bros down with some pals, and takes a bath with a lady.”

They stand corrected; it’s not Washed Out main player Ernest Greene in the video because it’s our boy Luke Rathborne(!!!), who has quite a nice thing going musically in his own right. We hope one day Ernest and him collaborate on an album in the birth of the folkwave genre. Until then, indulge in the Iceland-shot, Sofia Coppola-like, on-the-road clip of “Amor Fati,” a Latin phase meaning “Love of one’s fate” (thank you, Wikipedia). Now, Luke, put your shirt back on!