They Don’t Make Indonesian Sexploitation Terminator Knock-Offs Like They Used To

09/15/2011 9:51 AM |


Tonight, 92YTribeca begins a brief series on “rip-off cinema,” which continues tomorrow night with 1989’s Lady Terminator.

They don’t make Indonesian sexploitation Terminator knockoffs quite like they used to. Lady Terminator is (sort of) a true original, a genuinely perplexing 80s trashterpiece revolving around a dick-crushing evil spirit that just won’t die until she’s destroyed the descendant of a man that slighted her centuries ago—in bed.

Lady Terminator is a movie that ham-handedly opens and closes with Jack Handey-style images of the beach, accompanied by voiceover like, “The stars look on. They have been here long before mankind first appeared on our small planet and will be here long after we are no more.” This is a movie where guys sporting Kenny Powers-style jheri-curl mullets have nothing better to do than hang out by the beach and talk shit to each other like, “Go on, you’re not gonna catch AIDS!” This is a movie where bumbling cops joke to each other about how many hot dogs they’ve eaten (“Listen, Jack and I have seen more dead bodies than you’ve eaten hot dogs. So shut up and eat, ha ha ha.”). This is something special even if it is, after a point, totally stupid and incomprehensible (She shoots lasers from her eyes! But why did she cut out her eyeball and wash it?!). Go to it if you want to live a full and meaningful life.