This New Twin Sister Video Will Give You Nightmares

09/27/2011 3:42 PM |

Come play with us. HOLY SHIT, NO THANKS.

  • “Come play with us.” HOLY SHIT, NO THANKS.

Whoever invented freaky colored-contacts must have been both a sick and brilliant individual. The new Twin Sister video for “Kimmi in a Ricefield” (directed by drummer Bryan Ujueta and Dan Devine) relies heavily on the all black and milky white ones, and the result is about as unsettling as that time I decided to stay up all night watching Korean horror movies by myself.

What appears to be Kimmi’s character is played by lead singer Andrea Estella, and she does a good job of looking wide-eyed and victimized by an evil spirit à la Tevye’s crazy dream sequence in Fiddler On The Roof. Maybe the spirit’s supposed to represent Agent Orange? Or, more generally, total war? The ghostly, fused-head twin thing at the end implies something nuclear-related.

You can watch it below, then hug your knees and rock until you get to your safe place. After, you can listen to Twin Sister’s funky and thoughtful new album, In Heaven, which is out today.