Top 10 Rap Songs About Being “Back” from Somewhere

09/12/2011 8:57 AM |

On Friday I finally finished reading Sydney Brownstone’s interview with Theophilus London in the fall issue of Brooklyn Magazine, which he closes emphatically, “that’s how I bounced back from that.” Reading those words, the tiny DJ in my head queued up Mystikal’s 2001 swan song, “Bouncin’ Back,” which in turn lead me to think of the innumerable great rap songs about coming back from one place, experience or (in)activity, and so… Here are the ten best rap songs about being back.

10: Mystikal, “Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against The Wall)” (2001). Back from: having been bumped against the wall.

9: Busta Rhymes, “As I Come Back” (2001). Back from: out of town.

8: T.I., “I’m Back” (2010). Back from: prison.

7: Kid Cudi, “cudderisback” (2009). Back from: staying home a lot.

6: Lil Wayne, “Back on My Grizzy” (2007). Back from: Out of the country, where he went “to get all my clothes and my hoes.”

5: Dilated Peoples, “Back Again” (2010). Back from: the previous time, “for the very fourth time.”

4: Rakim, “Guess Who’s Back” (1997). Back from: his Egyptian tomb.

3: Slick Rick, “The Ruler’s Back” (1988). Back from: “the east.”

2: Scarface featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, “Guess Who’s Back” (2002). Back from: being far from the block.

1: Run-DMC, “Back from Hell” (1990). Back from: Hell, duh.

Bonus. Worst rap song about being back: Ma$e, “Welcome Back” (2004). Back from: the seminary.