Walt Whitman Moves Back to DUMBO, in Statue Form

09/30/2011 1:44 PM |

Close-up on Mark Gagnons colorful Walt Whitman statue.

  • Close-up on Mark Gagnon’s colorful Walt Whitman statue.

Since this summer all of North Brooklyn (right?) has been living a Whitmanesque dream of traveling across the East River by ferry, but who’d have thought the new waterborne commuter service would bring the poet back to his old riverfront hood? And yet here’s Walt Whitman, regally holding court under the Manhattan Bridge archway in a new paper-maché statue by Mark Gagnon installed during last weekend’s DUMBO Arts Festival.

Gagnons Whitman statue in full.

  • Gagnon’s Whitman statue in full.

65 years after the author patrolled these same DUMBO streets as editor of the Brooklyn Eagle—a position which he was fired from after going against the paper’s Republican leanings—Gagnon has reintroduced Whitman to his old stomping grounds, with a little extra color. No word on how long Whitman will be sticking around, so hop on the ferry and come pay him a visit.

Gagnons Whitman statue, watching over the Manhattan Bridge Archway.

  • Gagnon’s Whitman statue, watching over the Manhattan Bridge Archway.

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