Which Author Was Mugged in Fort Greene Park Last Week?

09/21/2011 10:38 AM |

Was it...THIS GUY?!

  • Was it…THIS GUY?!

A famous Brooklyn writer was mugged in Fort Greene Park last week, The Brooklyn Paper reported—but they wouldn’t say who it was, setting the borough’s literary observers abuzz with curiosity. The author—a male, married father of two boys who lives in Cobble Hill—was on the steps of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument around 3:30 p.m. when a man sat down next to him, pulled a gun, and demanded his money. The writer handed over $150, which the robber took, leaving behind credit cards and other papers. The victim asked not to be named to protect his family.

So let’s play Brooklyn’s latest parlor game—Who Got Robbed Under the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument? Martin Amis lives in Cobble Hill, and he has two children, one of which is the right age, but another which is not. And they’re both girls. Frank Rich’s boys reportedly live in Cobble Hill, but they’re too young to have 12-year-old sons. David Grann lives in Carroll Gardens, which could easily be confused with Cobble Hill, and has two kids; no info on whether they’re 8- and 12-year-old boys.

Our best guess? Arthur Phillips lives in Cobble Hill with his wife and two sons. We’d bet on Arthur Phillips, because the Brooklyn Paper wrote about him once before—years ago, but still.