At Nurture Art Benefit, Bushwick Art World Takes Chelsea for a Night

10/12/2011 12:57 PM |

Nurture Arts benefit took place in the Chelsea Art Museums ground floor.
  • Nurture Art’s benefit took place in the Chelsea Art Museum’s ground floor.

Last night what felt like the entire Bushwick art community descended on the soon-to-shutter Chelsea Art Museum for non-profit art space Nurture Art‘s annual benefit. Somehow, amidst the chaos of preparing to move and finishing renovations on their new space at 56 Bogart Street, they managed to throw a great party, some (admittedly not terrific) pictures of which await after the jump!

Nurture Art’s current exhibition (and last at 910 Grand Street), Portrait of a Soul, continues through October 28. Last we heard, the new space on Bogart Street will open with its first exhibition in November.