Cool Map Thing Plots Subway Swiping Practices by Neighborhood

10/20/2011 3:52 PM |

The Bedford stops subway swiping stats.

  • The Bedford stop’s subway swiping stats.

Ever wonder what percentage of the riders getting on at your subway stop are swiping monthly passes as opposed to pay-per-ride tickets or using senior discount passes, and how those figures have been affected by recent raises in subway fares? Well too bad, because the Wall Street Journal went and made an interactive map app thing of just such stats anyway. There are the Bedford L stop’s swiping vitals above, including at least a couple of unsurprising numbers worth making fun of.

Like, for instance, that the area’s overwhelmingly white population (68 percent) is even more overwhelmingly young—.8 percent of locals get a senior discount. Also, there are about as many pay-per-ride swipes at the Bedford stop (40.5 percent) as there are unlimited passes swiped (44.6 percent) in a week, perhaps reflecting the area’s ever-increasing popularity with tourists.

Still, the predominance of monthly passes in westernmost Williamsburg (the stats for the Lorimer and Graham stops are similar) bucks the citywide trend, whereby if not more or less equal, pay-per-ride swipes significantly outnumber unlimited pass swipes. What else can we glean from this map?