Halloween Happenings (in the Form of Bands Playing as Other Bands)

10/27/2011 2:38 PM |


It’s the time of the year for bite-sized Butterfingers, shrunken Snickers bars, mini boxes of Junior Mints and parades, made all the better by what has become somewhat of a tradition for bands around the city: special Halloween cover shows. The premise is simple: a band you like (i.e. Titus Andronicus) plays a cover set of another band you like (i.e. Weezer, as Titus did at that fateful VICE party a few years ago), typically embracing the Halloween spirit by dressing up as said band in addition to playing their songs. It’s a lot of fun and a way to cleanse your palate after last week’s flood of CMJ shows. For whatever reason, this year doesn’t seem to have as many in store as in recent memory, but not to worry, there are still a few happening in the coming days that we’d like to draw your attention to. Here we go:

Death by Audio: Feminist arts collective Permanent Wave curates a riot grrrl cover show, featuring ever-smiling ex-Titus member Amy Klein and band taking on Springsteen, Care Bears on Fire-offshoot Claire’s Diary doing Le Tigre, Mindtroll covering the one and only Salt-n-Pepa (a dance team is also involved), WOJICK doing the The Cramps, EULA doing Blondie, and Delta Hotel doing their best impression of That Dog. More info here, $7 at the door.

Death by Audio: This one is being dubbed an “(Almost) Halloween Covers Show,” so do with that what you will, but the lineup is looking awfully cover-friendly, with Heaven’s Gate kicking things off as The Raincoats, Bad Credit No Credit as English punks X-Ray Spex, Necking doing Karp, Sleepies taking a stab at the Smashing Pumpkins*, Little Victory doing The B-52s, and Passive Aggressor playing songs from Roky Erickson’s vast collection. Probably the best chance of ever seeing “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” and “Love Shack” played back-to-back. More info here, $5 with a costume, $7 without.

Union Hall: Here we have a “Hall-Oates-Ween Celebration” with none other than Hall & Oats cover band, The Wet Look, complemented by ill-fitted blazers and bad wigs. The Shitty Pixies, featuring members of L-approved local bands Diehard and the Vandelles, are plowing their way through The Cure’s (we kid!) discography, playing The Pixies’ Come on Pilgrim it its entirety to open the night. More info here, $8, $10 at the door.

These, of course, are interspersed with more than a few Halloween-themed shows throughout the rest of the week, from Green Day’s upheaval at The Studio at Webster Hall tonight to World/Inferno Friendship Society‘s annual carnival at Irving Plaza tomorrow to Ween’s whatever-it-may-be at Hammerstein Ballroom on Monday. And don’t forget that Bruar Falls is in the midst of their final run of shows, ushering in some the borough’s best, before closing their doors once and for all at the end of the week. Now get out there and enjoy it while you can. Also, hey, you have some Snickers bar on your face.

*Sleepies frontman Thomas Seely recently posted this on the event’s Facebook page — respect the effort and attention to detail (they’re also on the lookout for a fog machine, if you know of one):

Billy Corgan checklist: 1 down 3 to go!
• Bald cap (check)
• Silver pants
• Zero t-shirt
• Emptiness, loneliness, cleanliness, godliness