L TV: A Very Unofficial CMJ Party

10/25/2011 12:58 PM |


So, yes, the College Music Journal Marathon is officially over. By now, most of us have returned to the normal frenzy at which our lives operate, and the five days last week where we didn’t wash our clothes, our selves, and subsisted on 2 a.m. slices of pizza while trying to shake out the ringing in our ears seem merely a distant dream.

But hark, you guys, it’s 2011. We had technology to capture CMJ, so now you can replay those moments of glory, memories of the unbathed, underslept and overstimulated masses, and of the newly discovered musicians you fawned over or walked out on. On Friday, The L Magazine and Northside Festival put together a little showcase of our own at Cameo Gallery with a pretty stellar lineup. Here are the videos of one song each from the sets of Heavenly Beat (Beach Fossil’s John Peña), Widowspeak, Forest Fire, Hunters and Pujol.

Heavenly Beat – “Desire”

Widowspeak – “Puritans”

Forest Fire – “Blank Appeal”

Hunters – “Acid Head”

Pujol – “Butterfly Knife”