L TV: How To Make A “Brooklyn” Cocktail

10/10/2011 2:43 PM |


If your knowledge of mixology was informed solely by what Carrie Bradshaw and her gang ordered on Sex and the City, you might think that cosmos, manhattans and martinis are the only cocktails native to New York. But it just so happens that there are five whole boroughs in this city, and they, too, happen to have drinks named after them.

Editor-in-chief of The L Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine, Jonny Diamond, visited The Richardson in Williamsburg to find out about the elusive alcoholic specimen known as the “brooklyn” cocktail. The long-neglected twin of the manhattan, the “brooklyn” was invented around the same time (post-Prohibition) as the other borough’s beverage, but slowly fell out of favor over the years.

Out of favor until now, that is. It seems that gentrification has saved this cocktail from total obscurity, and Joel Lee Kulp, owner of The Richardson, one of the few bars that serves the brooklyn, says it’s gaining popularity.

Well, there was just nothing left to do but try it. Watch Jonny try a “brooklyn” in this episode of How To Brooklyn below, and please, for the love of our beloved borough, drink responsibly.

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