Lana Del Rey Releases Stripped-Down Live Performance of “Video Games”

10/18/2011 2:39 PM |

When you have only released two songs and you desperately want to make sure you don’t fall out of the public eye for so much as a second, logic might dictate that the time is right to release a third song, or even a ninth song or a twelfth. But since the same thing can be accomplished by releasing a live performance video of one of your two pre-existing songs, well, that seems a lot easier, no? So here it is: a live performance by indie world lightning rod Lana Del Rey of her all-jokes-aside quite enjoyable debut single, “Video Games.” She’s doing some really nice stuff here, from dialing down the absolutely fucking infuriating whispered baby-talk thing she was doing on Jools Holland last week, to playing with the melody just enough so that I’m left genuinely wanting to hear more from her, and not just for the super-fun internet arguing that will take place once we do. I’m also left wondering if she’ll ever even bother releasing audio-only versions of her material, since she’s shown no such inclination thus far.