Like Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Thieves Can’t Get Enough Apple Products

10/14/2011 8:57 AM |

Brooklyn loves Apple.

Remember that time Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz sent an aide to buy him an iPad only to learn upon her return that the assignment had taken her all the way to Manhattan, leading to an impassioned plea for a Brooklyn Apple Store, which was ignored? Well some Brooklyn thieves are clearly clamoring for an Apple Store too, after knocking off lesser retailer Best Buy’s East New York superstore to the tune of $112,000 in iPads.

The heist—which, by my count ($112,000 divided by $500 per iPad), amounted to 224 iPads—happened Tuesday morning at 4am, the Daily News reports, and took only a few minutes. The thieves smashed through the front door of the Best Buy at Gateway Plaza in East New York, broke into a locked office and grabbed the cache of tablets.

Detectives tell the News that the robbery took less than four minutes, and the thieves may have had inside help because several of the security cameras inside the store and inside the mall where it’s located were not functioning at the time.

So if someone offers to sell you a heavily discounted iPad in the next few days, you know where it came from; and you should definitely hook Marty up.