Spectacular New Skate Park Could Go Under Manhattan Bridge

10/11/2011 10:39 AM |

(Courtesy HAO)

  • (Courtesy HAO)

Last summer the city shut down the much-loved Brooklyn Banks skate park beneath the Brooklyn Bridge’s Manhattan-side entrance for at least four years of construction, but now a plan to build an even better skate park under the next bridge north is gathering momentum. There, under the Manhattan Bridge near the intersection of Pike and Monroe streets—current location of the LES Skatepark—Architecture for Humanity has invited nine architects to imagine the skate park of the future, and the above design by Holm Architecture Office is one of the results.

Apparently Banksy will contribute a mural? (Courtesy HAO)

  • Apparently Banksy will contribute a mural? (Courtesy HAO)

The main feature of the HAO design, a bright red oval-shaped ramp built into the bridge’s architecture, takes its cue from the site’s name: Coleman Oval Skatepark. In addition to the huge ramp—dubbed a “super-pipe”—and other skate park features, the design is intended for adaptable uses, like doubling as an outdoor movie theater or street festival space.

There would also be ample wall space for murals by local artists—paging Kenny Scharf—and an elevated dog run with East River views. All of which sounds lovely, so it’s too bad that there aren’t any definite plans to make any of the proposals solicited by Architecture for Humanity a reality. The Brooklyn Banks reopen in 2014 at the earliest.