Street Artist’s Sarcastic Signage Disappeared from Park Slope

10/20/2011 11:28 AM |

One of Russell Kings Pill signs in Manhattan.

  • One of Russell King’s “Pill” signs in Manhattan.

Between his “I Pop Pills!” signs and his similarly situated collaborations with Roy Bannon, Russell King is among the most ubiquitous street artists in the city, but at least one of his sarcastic signs with mid-century-looking talking heads proclaiming the beneficial effects of drugs—”I’m sexier than you ’cause I pop pills!!!”—in Park Slope was deemed offensive enough to be removed by the city.

Noting the disappearance of one such Russell King sign on Fifth Avenue near President Street, the Brooklyn Paper asks the artist what he thinks of the unwanted official attention.

It’s not any different than locking a bicycle to a pole. It doesn’t damage or obstruct anything—and this is not exactly the scorge [sic] of New York City.

While an unattributed source says the city deems King’s signs “illegal posting,” it’s unclear whether this is an isolated incident or a systematic removal.

Anecdotally, I noticed that one of King’s signs fastened to a street-owned post outside Gagosian on West 24th Street last year is no longer there, while his collaborative signs with Royce Bannon remain on sign posts throughout the city. Noting that other cities have left the signs up, King concludes: “Taking them down is just small-minded.”

(Photo: Russell King/Flickr)