This Week on 2 Broke Girls: Rape Jokes!

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It’s unfair to judge a new sitcom by its first few episodes. Comedies need to evolve and let us get to know and understand the characters, and sometimes that takes awhile, like six episodes, which is how long 2 Broke Girls has been on the air. I was optimistic that beneath the show’s stale premise and rape jokes there was something there, something worth watching. But now that we’ve spent over two hours with Max and Caroline, not to mention Oleg and Han and that douche bartender and that other guy, something’s clear: 2 Broke Girls will never be more than a stale premise and rape jokes. I don’t mind, though, because if this show inexplicably got to be good, then what would we have to make fun of? Below, the five shittiest parts from this week’s episode.

#5. “Credit cards are the downfall of America. Well, credit cards and Kim Kardashian. I like a big ass as much as the next man, but don’t go give the damn butt a franchise.”

#4. “I’ve been making Vision Boards for years.”
Vision Boards were the A-plot in last week’s far-superior Happy Endings, too. (Seriously, if you want to watch a great sitcom, watch Happy Endings, which also has a character named Max, but he’s a dude and is funny.) Do real life people make Vision Boards, or is it a TV and movie trope, like how no one has ever objected at a wedding?

#3. “Why don’t you tell me some of the other events you’ve done?”
“Oh, well, we’re a start-up company.”
“Oh, no, I need a real business. Bye.”

This isn’t a particularly egregious quote—it’s just extremely annoying from a plot perspective. Brad and Angelina’s awful mom, whose name I don’t care enough about to look up, called Caroline about making cupcakes for her children’s birthday (after they got spray-tanned), and she then hung up on her when Caroline gave her the response above. Um, what about last week’s episode, when they sold cupcakes at the’90s horse party? Or you could, y’know, lie? It’s a forced plotline used to stall the show from going forward, and, with the exception of Earl, I’m ready for the girls to leave the diner and open their cupcake business. Less Oleg and less Han means a better show.

#2. “My cupcakes don’t have a cherry on it, haven’t since I was 13.”
I’m finding Max less and less likable each week. Her “I hate everyone and I’m going to tell it to their face” shtick was enjoyable enough at first, because there aren’t many characters like that on TV. But her lame crass jokes (see above, and also numerous “nine inches” cracks) and “everything sucks” mentality is growing more grating with every passing episode. Can you imagine what she’ll be like in season four?

#1. “That sounds needy, like if someone asks you to come to their one-woman show. ‘Somebody date raped me and I didn’t think I’d live through it, but I did and now I’m stronger,’ and still needy.”
In six episodes, 2 Broke Girls has told roughly a dozen rape jokes (not exaggerating—in fact, I might be underestimating), and this is the least funny one yet.

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  • Josh,
    I think you’re missing the gallows humor here. Plenty of us have been raped. So you’re saying what, we shouldn’t make you uncomfortable about it with humor? Part of getting on with life, is laughing about the shit that almost did you in.

    But, this was probably just a bait post, and I totally just went in like a fool. -later.

  • I’ll answer this as carefully as possible: there’s nothing wrong with a well-placed rape joke (a sentence I thought I’d never say), but 2 Broke Girls has been doing tons of them every week, and they’re getting less funny (if they ever were in the first place). I don’t think any subject is off-topic, and if the show wanted to tell a racist dead baby joke involving Hitler and the KKK, sure, whatever


  • why is this happening? the show ? this recurring story about a stupid show? 17 minutes wasted. now I’m sad. thanks for nothing

  • don’t look at it as a rape joke then. . .if you have been traumatized at one point of your life, unless you talk and joke about it, it won’t go away!

  • I like watching shows that are comical without talking about penisins, vaginas, and boobs! How hard is that? Get a clue… there is more to t. v. for the POOR who has to watch the trash you give us than is led to believe. I’m not alone onthis.

  • Rape jokes are inappropriate on an otherwise light-hearted sitcom airing during family viewing hour. I’m also not ecstatic how the writers reference the Williamsburg & Greenpoint neighborhoods as being trashy and unsafe, both demonstratively untrue.