Watch This Insound Studio Session with Real Estate to See Crazy Amounts of “Hushed Autumn Vibes”

10/13/2011 12:19 PM |

We like the phrase “hushed autumn vibes” that Insound used to describe Real Estate in the latest installment of their Studio Sessions video series, kinda like how, if they had been referencing the band’s last album, they could’ve said “hushed summer vibes” and it would’ve also worked. In other words, instead of beaches, Days drops references to maple leaves. So seasonal, those Jersey boys. Nonetheless, the videos do the effortless, stylized tones of their forthcoming LP justice. Watch the three-song run here (or “Green Aisles” above) — a sneak peek of their free album release show this Saturday at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Astoria, where there will be lots of beer and hushed autumn vibes.