11 Bands Play Cake Shop on 11/11/11, Because Why Not?

11/10/2011 10:40 AM |

Or you could do this. Sounds good, Hallmark!
  • Sounds good, Hallmark!

Even with the unfortunate downfall of their sister venue Bruar Falls, the Cake Shop folks are reliably down for a party. The odd numerology of tomorrow’s date seems to be as good a reason as any, so let’s go with it. To mark the occasion, 11 bands will play throughout the night, spreading sets from 7pm to the wee hours of the morning. It’d make so much sense for the cover to be $11, but they went ahead and sliced it in half, charging just $5.50 at the door. You can check out the full lineup here but please pay special attention to the back-to-back 11:40pm and 12:20am slots held by “8 Band You Need to Know” alum Mainland and Celestial Shore, whose synth-pop conjures dual imagery of California and extraterrestrial life. Their sound doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — though their band name does, come to think of it — but it’s puzzling in a really pleasant way.

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