A Song for Being in Your Hometown on the Biggest Bar Night of the Year

11/23/2011 2:39 PM |

As Conklin pointed out in a recent installment of his very important column, The 10 Best Things Right Now, there’s a Florida-based band that too few people seem aware of called Gospel Music. They do not play gospel music. It’s actually the bassist for the Black Kids’ solo project — you remember the Black Kids? — but his debut full-length, How to Get to Heaven From Jacksonville, FL, favors cheeky twee-bent pop over cheeky party anthems. There’s still plenty of spunk to go around though… which brings us to the perfectly spunky, perfectly endearing standout, “This Town Doesn’t Have Enough Bars for Both of Us.” There’s got to be a few Brooklyn kids heading home to Ohio* for the holiday dreading a run-in with an old flame at the bar tonight, which now makes this song perfectly timely. Watch the video above, have a happy Thanksgiving, and make note of Gospel Music’s just-announced show at Glasslands on December 11 for when you get back in town.

*I’m currently writing this in Ohio, so I can say that without sounding judgmental. Also, if you allow me a moment to vent, my Mom keeps adding an “a” to the end of the word “potato” — you have to peel the “potatoas” — and it’s really starting to get to me.