Andreas Gursky Surpasses Cindy Sherman for Most Expensive Photograph Title

11/10/2011 8:57 AM |

Andreas Gurskys Rhein II (1999) just sold for a record $4,338,500.

  • Andreas Gursky’s “Rhein II” (1999) just sold for a record $4,338,500.

This is a busy week in the New York City fine art auction world, and though sales were sluggish on Monday, Tuesday saw a pair of major records broken at Christie’s. Firstly, a new record for a Roy Lichtenstein painting was set when a 1961 painting went for $43.2 million. And Tuesday night, also at Christie’s, Andreas Gursky’s “Rhein II” (1999, pictured) surpassed Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled #13” (1981)—which in May set a new record for a photo when it sold for $3,890,500—to become the most expensive photograph ever sold at $4,338,500.

That would be about $800,000 over its high estimate of $3.5 million. The edition sold on Tuesday is one of six versions of the horizontally striped landscape photograph. Other editions belong to the collections of MoMA, the Tate Modern, and other institutions. Stay tuned for more record-setting auction results later this week—that is, unless #OccupySotheby’s makes good on its goals.

(The Atlantic Wire)