Best of NYC™ Stupid Media Lawsuits: Voice Sues Time Out for Ownership of “Best of NYC™”

11/16/2011 2:00 PM |

The Village Voice owns this now.

  • The Village Voice says it owns this phrase.

Fortunately The L long ago gave up on the necessarily impossible task of identifying the “Best of NYC™” anything, choosing to focus instead on Brooklyn—which we suck at, apparently—so we’ll be spared a lawsuit from the Village Voice, which, in a desperate move to control the SEO goldmine that is the phrase “Best of NYC™” has just filed a suit against Time Out New York for using it repeatedly in its November 3 “Best of NYC™ 2011” issue.

In a Koonsian claim of ownership over something seemingly unownable, the publisher of the Village Voice filed a complaint with a Manhattan federal court claiming that Time Out‘s “Best of NYC™” cover and “Best of NYC™” feature infringed upon the Voice‘s trademark rights without permission, Paid Content reports.

If you think that sounds unreasonable, wait until you hear the Voice‘s proposed solutions to the trademark infringement. The Voice‘s publisher wants Time Out to hand over its profits from the issue, and wants a court order issued to “recall and destroy or surrender” all of the infringing issues.

In related news, we’re taking reader submissions for a category in our forthcoming “Best of NYC™” issue: “Best use for the recalled copies of Time Out‘s ‘Best of NYC™’ issue.” I’ll get things started: covering every inch of Tony Ortega’s office; wrapping Christmas gifts recommended by the Time Out gift guide; kindling. Suggest your own “Best of NYC™” reuse idea below.

(Disclaimer: The trademarked phrase “Best of NYC™” appears throughout this article courtesy of Village Voice, LLC.)

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  • This is actually very reasonable. If there was any justice in the world we would all be paying the VV a royalty every time we utter the words “New York.” Or, for that matter, used our Voices for anything.