Brooklyn Brewery’s New BAM Beer

11/02/2011 1:02 PM |

Milton Glazer goes all Saved by the Bell

  • Milton Glazer goes all Saved by the Bell

Two of our favorite local cultural institutions have joined forces to create our favorite thing: to honor the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 150th Anniversary, the Brooklyn Brewery has begun brewing a new, limited-release beer—the 8.6 percent alcohol BAMboozle Ale. It “features a large addition of wildflower honey from the New York family apiary Tremblay Farms,” the Brewery explains in a press release. “Blended with golden malts, it is fermented to a dry complexity by our Belgian yeast strain, and then re-fermented in the bottle like Champagne.” (Oh, like Miller High Life, you mean?)

The beer will have its launch a week from today at the Next Wave premiere of Brooklyn Babylon. (There’s so much Brooklyn in this story.) The beer will be available in other locations thereafter, including at BAM Cafe.

Full disclosure: The L Magazine publishes the programs for BAM. And its employees are often drunk on Brooklyn Beer.