Did The L Magazine Ruin Turkey’s Nest for Everybody?

11/08/2011 1:04 PM |


You used to be able to find L Mag staffers sipping margaritas out of styrofoam cups at our annual SummerScreen. These to-go cocktails came courtesy, of course, of Turkey’s Nest, the corner dive across Bedford. But one day shortly thereafter, we were back to drinking beer from our beer-sponsor. “I definitely got one for myself at the first SummerScreen” this year, one editor said. “And the next time I went, maybe two weeks later, the Nest stopped doing it.”

The blog Here’s Williamsburg blames us:

Patrons, since around the time the Northside Festival took over Williamsburg, can still no longer carry out their adult beverages with a top and straw. It was some uncreative, fearful young man that ratted the corner bar out to the police when he was approached in McCarren Park, drinking the “Milkshake.” Fun Fact: The Turkey’s Nest used to pay someone daily to go into the park and clean up all the white cups he could find.

“I actually think the Northside bit is inaccurate,” the editor says, and I agree. It was probably SummerScreen.

But we’ve been asking around, and the uncertain dates are possibly due to the fact that Turkey’s Nest has been offering drinks to-go off and on; it’s not even clear to us that you can’t get them there anymore. “I just got margaritas-to-go there just about a week and a half ago,” one friend told me. Another said early September was the first time he had been denied a lid and a straw. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing?

Anyway, it’s certainly not our fault that the bar is currently closed for health code violations.


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