Digital Vistas and Rome, Open City

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11/01/2011 1:05 PM |


When people talk hopefully about the internet opening up new vistas of long-form film criticism free of the dictates of the journalism marketplace, what they are actually saying is, “I would like to read 2,000 words on the intertwining of urban life, cinematic ‘realism,’ surveillance, and state violence in Rossellini’s Rome, Open City.” So, unless you are some kind of hypocrite who would prefer real thought to be replaced by Twitter, you will want to know about this article, “The Film of Tomorrow Will Be an Act of War,” by Jonathon Kyle Sturgeon, in the brand-new film section of the long-form web magazine Idiom (the film content is edited by L contributor Tom McCormack; our dear departed Michael Joshua Rowin has also written for them).

If you’re a real utopian, you might also wish to know that the discussion in the article, about the legacy of Rome, Open City and cinema’s representation of modern urban spaces, will continue IRL this Saturday at UnionDocs, when Sturgeon and McCormack present, and discuss the 2006 making-of doc Once Upon a Time…Rome, Open City, a rarely screened trunkload of historical context.