Don’t Miss Brooklyn Open Studios on Saturday

11/10/2011 11:29 AM |

You could visit this studio on Saturday.

  • You could visit this studio on Saturday.

More than 35 Brooklyn artists will be opening their studios to the public on Saturday for Brooklyn Open Studios, part of the weekend-long Celeste Prize exhibition at allegedly noisy Boerum Hill gallery The Invisible Dog. The participating artists are spread throughout the borough but, conveniently, the five I asked to participate (and many others) are all concentrated in Bushwick and Greenpoint, and terrific, and here’s why you should go visit them.

Jonathan Butts Studio.

  • Jonathan Butt’s Studio.

Jonathan Butt creates mysterious abstract sculptures full of muted tones, shifting forms, strange materials and unexpected textures. During an interview in March he said that sculpture “should embrace this transitional or in-between location between a realized, understood, socially acceptable thing, and something that is not formed in the least bit, or doesn’t coax interest out of the viewer. I think finding that in-between spot is the core reason for trying to stop at that spot. And that’s its own problem: trying to figure how much is enough formation and what seals off the work and makes it stale and predictable, and finding a medium.” (117 Grattan Street, Suite 305, 12-5pm)

Ben Godwards studio.

  • Ben Godward’s studio.

Ben Godward‘s pigmented urethane foam sculptures are either supported by huge frameworks, or completely envelope small objects. In either case, their bold colors and flowing forms are like caffeine for your eyes. And, unlikely though it may seem, these Kool-Aid-toned sculptures manage to evoke organic forms, from moss, mold and dirt to decidedly human proportions. (49 Wyckoff Avenue, 3rd Floor, 12-6pm)

Emily Noelle Lamberts studio.

  • Emily Noelle Lambert’s studio.

Emily Noelle Lambert‘s paintings and sculptures—and combinations thereof wherein the latter serve as pedestals for the former—are full of bright colors and expressive forms that are not only familiar (many of her sculptures incorporate found objects), but often evoke figurative images like landscapes and portraits. (960 Manhattan Avenue, 4th floor, 2-7pm)

Kristine Morans studio.

  • Kristine Moran’s studio.

Kristine Moran‘s abstract oil compositions are a stunning play of organic and geometric forms, clean lines and expressive brushstrokes. Lately she’s been setting a lot of flowing, vaguely skin-toned shapes against bold neon colors and sharp, fragmenting diagonal lines. (255 Calyer Street, 3rd Floor, Studio 11, 12-5pm)

Jenny Morgans studio.

  • Jenny Morgan’s studio.

Jenny Morgan paints incredibly detailed and affecting portraits of her friends, acquaintances, and herself. She then sands away a few layers of paint for an effect that’s somewhere between bruising and x-ray vision, and makes her already nude figures seem more naked and vulnerable. (119 Ingraham Street, 4th floor, #421A, 1-7pm)

Other participating artists you should definitely visit Saturday (and whose studios you can find on the map below) include Brent Owens, R. Justin Stewart, Jenn Brehm and Sarah Bednarek. Brooklyn Open Studios takes place on Saturday throughout the borough.

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