Facebook Commissioned Brooklyn Street Artist Aakash Nihalani to Brighten Their New York Office

11/03/2011 4:24 PM |

Plat Forms (Courtesy Aakash Nihalani)

  • “Plat Forms” (Courtesy Aakash Nihalani)

While Facebook’s forthcoming Swedish data center will be both climatically and architecturally cold, their New York City offices just gained some bright hot colors courtesy Brooklyn artist Aakash Nihalani, who was commissioned to create a series of site-specific works for the social network’s east coast headquarters. The three new pieces he created for FB include two floor pieces, and a mural of giant multi-color, tumbling dominoes.

(Courtesy Aakash Nihalani)

  • “Domino” (Courtesy Aakash Nihalani)

Zig Zag (Courtesy Aakash Nihalani)

  • “Zig Zag” (Courtesy Aakash Nihalani)