Hear a New Track From Wise Blood, If You Can Find It on His Mind-Imploding New Website

11/17/2011 8:58 AM |


Hidden deep in the coral-collage wreckage of a certain page on Wise Blood’s just launched website — a project in conjunction with artist Borna Sammak, who is a good-kind of crazy — is a glittery clickable MP3. Go ahead, click on it. It’ll take you right to crazytown or, at the very least, alert you to the kind of mad genius that sample masher Chris Laufman has been spinning out of his Wise Blood project over the last year. Ominous beats punctuated with tuba-like blurts bring a mystical element to life. Sounds like a snake charmer recorded in a haunted house or something. There aren’t any vocals outside of a man grumbling, but there really doesn’t have to be.

You’ll have to do some digging (unsubtle hint: click on the welcome button to enter the site, scroll through the band’s bio on the second page, click on the fourth item… find gold glittery thing), but it all sort of makes sense by the end, in that it makes absolutely no sense. Oh, Chris Laufman. Along the way, you’ll find a few other gems, including some good news for those of us who have been waiting for a full-length:

For Wise Blood’s full-length debut Laufman says to expect ‘a concept album based on the three things that have influenced me the most profoundly in the past year.’ The release is slated for February of 2012, after which Laufman says to ‘expect the inevitable implosion of “Wise Blood.’

Or take the easy way out and listen below:

Wise Blood, “Spliff” by The FADER

While you’re at it, I’m probably not supposed to like this on account of being a girl (the 49 second mark gets pretty Odd Futurish), but he’s just messing with us. I think. Yes.

Wise Blood – SOLO (`4` CLAIRE) by neumagazine

Or this, a track from his EP, out now on Dovecote Records:

Wise Blood – Nosferatu by Dovecote Records