In Greenpoint, Only Hipsters Say “McGolrick”

11/09/2011 11:23 AM |

Pay no attention to the signage

  • Pay no attention to the signage

If you’re calling that Greenpoint greenspace between Russell and Monitor “McGolrick Park,” you might as well pronounce that street in Manhattan in the style of a city in Texas. That’s what Jennifer Galatioto discovered when she recently took over the Greenpointers blog: while the park may officially bear the name of St. Cecilia’s one-time monsignor Edward J. McGolrick, long-time residents know it by its previous name: Winthrop Park (named after Colonel Winthrop Jones, whose nine-acres were purchased by the city to become the park, and pronounced without the p). The 1941 renaming didn’t take among locals, who continued using the old moniker and passed it on to their children. Like so much else in North Brooklyn, this designational discrepancy has become a symbol of the strained relations between gentrifiers and old-timers, a mark of the newbie.

But when Ms. Galatioto was set straight and started calling it “Winthrop,” she was met with blowback still.

Patricia: It is “Monsignor McGolrick Park” we worked very hard years ago to have the signs made and placed by the Parks Dept.

GP: I can’t win either way. If I call it McGolrick, I get in trouble. So I started to call it Winthrop!

Patricia: I was the founder of Friends of McGolrick Park and was able to get Landmark status for it. We had the Colonnade renovated, playground refurbished and lots of other activities to improve the park. This was in the 80′s.

So, probably the best thing to do is just start referring to it as “that park, over there, you know the one.”

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  • I don’t understand why people re-name things — it’s done all the time. Yes, people should be honored but what about the original people who were honored. They are just forgotten – pushed aside like they don’t matter anymore.

  • This is so funny, I was born in Greenpoint in 1941 and always referred to “the park” as Winthrop. When I kept reading recently about McGolrick Park I couldn’t place where it was. Rock on Greenpointers, don’t let them take the pernt out of Greenpoint. Lois King

  • As a teenager, I hung out in Win”throw” park on many occasions. That’s the name it will always be to me. Rich

  • I grew up in Greenpoint and my friends and I never referred to it by either name — we all call it ‘Russell Park.’

  • Hah! The tweet that brought me to this page made me laugh. I’ve definitely haughtily made fun of my transplant friends for calling it mcgolrick park. Although I never even knew it was called winthrop park… we all just called it the park on monitor.

  • take out “hipsters” insert “you people” for authenticity