Julie Taymor Eligible for Spider-Man Tony, Suing Producers for Unpaid Royalties

11/09/2011 2:40 PM |

Spider-Man wants Tonys.

  • Spider-Man wants Tonys.

Exactly eight months after news of her departure from the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark broke, and another eight months from the next Tony Awards ceremony, we learn that the show’s co-creator and original director Julie Taymor (and not her replacement Philip William McKinley) is eligible to be nominated in the “Best Direction of a Musical” category despite leaving before the show was rewritten, substantially tweaked and shortened. It still features about 25 percent of her original script, over which she’s now suing the musical’s producers for unpaid royalties.

Last week the Times confirmed that Taymor will be eligible to be nominated for the Best Direction prize at next year’s Tonys. The show’s producers apparently asked the Tony Awards Administration Committee if both Taymor and McKinley might be made eligible for nomination in the very competitive category. Things didn’t pan out as they’d hoped.

But the committee voted for only Ms. Taymor; no reason was given, and a spokeswoman for the Tony Awards said that, per custom, the rationale for the committee’s decision-making would not be disclosed.

Pretty typical Tonys behavior, really.

In other Spidey news, Taymor is suing those same producers who unwittingly ensured her Tony nomination eligibility for royalties she has not been paid for the continued use of roughly a quarter of the script she wrote. The Guardian reports that the deposed director is seeking upwards of $1 million from the producers of the show—which, on a given week, generates anywhere from $1.3 to $1.7 million.

You’ll recall that back in June the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society filed a claim against the Spider-Man producers in an effort to determine the extent of the royalties that they should demand be paid to Taymor for her work on the show. This new legal action is presumably an outcome of those proceedings.