Listen to Radical Dads’ New Single “Skateboard Bulldog,” About a Bulldog That Skateboards

11/07/2011 11:25 AM |


It’s weird to see Wild Flag listed as a RIYL reference point for bands, seeing as they’ve only been operating as a band for a short while themselves, but, nonetheless, it fits the new 7-inch single from local L Mag favorites Radical Dads like a glove. “Skateboard Bulldog” is, as the name suggests, a song about a run-in with a particularly narly canine at a skate park in Astoria, so no one’s going to complain about that. The fact that Lindsay Baker barks (GET IT?!) out lyrics with the same amount of jubilant ferocity as Carrie and Mary, backed by the same revved-up, reckless guitars that permeate the Superchunk, Sleater-Kinney, Versus albums of yore, makes it awfully hard to hate. The 7-inch features “Know It All” as the B-side and is out December 13; Rad Dad’s June release, Mega Rama, will be available on vinyl that same day. Until then, think of all the video options for a song called “Skateboard Bulldog” — pure YouTube gold. Also, can someone paint a mural of that album cover on one of our office walls? Rad.

Radical Dads: “Skateboard Bulldog” (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag

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  • My new favorite song!! Manic energy great hook ever.
    Love the lyrics. Renews my faith in music! Came across it on
    Winamp player free music. Instant obsession. Get it now!