Lou Reed at Starbucks, an Illustrated Account

11/08/2011 12:12 PM |


Last week, Tom Scharpling, host of WFMU’s The Best Show, chronicled a supposed encounter with Mr. Lou Reed at a local Starbucks, tweeting real-time updates of Lou having trouble getting situated with the Wi-Fi, spilling coffee on his scone, and other things that old people in sunglasses do. (Check here for the full sequence of events.) It sort of became a “thing,” as Internet oddities often do, presumably heightened by Lulu‘s widespread hatred. Whether it actually happened or not (Gothamist sadly says no; some other sources aren’t so sure), it was pretty hilarious. MTV Hive has since enlisted cartoonist Dustin Glick to draw a comic strip of the events, which you should most definitely check out here. We included a few of our favorite frames below, wanting to draw special attention to where Lou mistakes his iPad for his phone. Poor guy. #LouAtStarbucks

And while you’re at it, check out Glick’s illustrations of songs that sound like they’re for kids, but aren’t really… because at face value, “The Beautiful People” is pretty confusing.




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  • I met Lou Reed at Mercury Lounge last year and he was nice, talking about bands and music and hanging outside after the show (it was at the Talk Normal / Buke and Gass show, you might remember, last December.) So, I wonder, who is the real jerk here?