Man, This Forest Fire Song Is So Good, and Now It Has a Video

11/02/2011 1:51 PM |

Earlier this week, Forest Fire premiered the video for “The News,” the first single from their FatCat debut released last month, Staring at the X. The song is too good and the video, awakening the same unsettling feelings as the short film for MGMT’s “Flash Delirium,” is too weird not to watch. At least this monster/puppet/scientific discovery is furry and wants to party. What’s really unsettling here is the degree in which Forest Fire continues to go unmentioned in the greater conversation of what’s happening musically in our city. To date, their biggest claim to fame was when French tastemaker La Blogothèque named Survival the best album of 2009 (look out for a reissue next year on FatCat) — certainly nothing to scoff at — but the notoriety still isn’t on par with what they deserve. Never one to chase trends, though there are a few well-placed, ‘effed-up sax solos in “The News,” Staring at the X is one giant oxymoron: sparkling and dark, romantic and angry, otherworldly and rootsy, all at once.

For more on this, watch a video of them playing Survival standout “Fortune Teller” in a New York apartment after the jump or click here to watch a performance of “Blank Appeal” from our CMJ party.