Meet Drinkify, the Spotify of Alcohol Consumption

11/08/2011 2:37 PM |


Developed over the weekend at Drinkify is an online tool that chooses cocktails for you based on whatever you’re listening to at the moment. It’s kind of like, minus the expletives, but with added music snobbery. I’ve been playing with this for about 15 minutes, and found out that the recommended beverage for Devo is 10 ounces of vodka, but for Wild Flag it’s an ounce of LSD; it’s a PBR garnished with sugar for Jeff Mangum and St. Vincent, but for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs it’s boxed wine. If you’re listening to Feist, Drinkify says you should be sipping on a concoction of microbrew, cream and Tabasco sauce. If you’re listening to the Flaming Lips, what you should be drinking is half ice cream. For Lana Del Rey it’s this:


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