PopGun Booking Is Giving Away a Year-Long Show Pass Again

11/29/2011 2:49 PM |


It’s that time of the year for cheer and holly and free concerts. Conveniently, the guys and gals at PopGun, the Brooklyn-based team largely responsible for stocking Glasslands and Tammany Hall with grade-A buzz bands on a nightly basis, are again giving away a pass that’ll grant you free access to every single PopGun-affiliated event in 2012. Parties, concerts, that record release show for new Merge-signees Hospitality in February, that Grimes show in March when Grimes will suddenly be the band everyone is talking about. All of it. To enter, you literally just have to send an e-mail with your first and last name to gimmie@popgunbooking.com. It might help to include “please” or something of the sort, but it’s not required, which is pretty nice of them. As an added bonus, if they come to find that the selected winner helped spread word of the contest via social networking, they’ll throw in a +1 for the entire year so you don’t have to stand there, pretending like you’re working on your phone at said shows. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc.