So, Yeah, This Pitchfork Video Series With Girls Playing in an Abandoned Brooklyn Church Is Pretty Great

11/09/2011 3:32 PM |


I was going to restrain from posting about this string of Pitchfork-produced videos with Girls playing in an abandoned local church, only because there’s a good chance you already came across them on your own (Girls being one of the biggest deals of 2011 and Pitchfork being Pitchfork). But then today they posted the band doing Father, Son, Holy Ghost standout “My Ma,” and I didn’t want to leave it to chance. For starters, the sound in the hands of go-to Brooklyn producer Shane Stonebeck (Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells, Cults) is impeccable, turning a presumably echo-prone space into a warm, full-sounding theater. The altar is lit to subdue most of the films’ palette, just so, but then casts a light behind the main players and backup singers in all the right spots. But best of all, watching these songs performed in this setting doesn’t seem the least bit ironic. Instead, it emphasizes the plain-language honesty that makes Girls so special in the first place, the title of the source album aptly paying respect in the context. It maybe caused my eyes to tear up a little bit during the slow build at the end of “Vomit.” There are a few of you — not many, but a few — who don’t think Girls are deserving off all the attention. Watch these videos, they might help make things click. Also, Christopher Owens, if you read what the press is saying about you, which we think maybe you do: You have the world’s best shirts.

Last but not least, does anybody know what church this is filmed at? Would they be ok with having shows during Northisde? Two-thirds of the music department went to Catholic school, so it should be cool with whomever’s in charge. (Seriously, does anybody know what church this was filmed at?)