Someone Actually Made a “Stairway to Heaven” Staircase

11/03/2011 3:39 PM |

All that glitters isn’t gold, people. But holy houses of the holy, those gloves she’s trying to reach without the aid of a chair are! Now you too can ascend the rungs to your middle class heaven, all the while trampling underfoot the legacy of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones on your way there.

“Stairway” was designed, hopefully with a Fluxus sense of humor, by 20-year-old Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design student Arthur Analts. Analts’ other projects include “Tit,” a silicone flashlight that you squeeze to turn on, and “Choco Poo,” which is chocolate shaped like poop. Maybe someone was trying to impress a girl with some dreamy, acoustic fumbling in a dorm common room when this idea Robert-planted a seed in his mind?

P.S. None of my Led Zep puns have outdone this one yet:


[via and Prefix Magazine]