Summer Rain Dampened Coney Attendance

11/08/2011 10:38 AM |


2010 was a high point in recent Coney Island history: 14 million people visited the neighborhood’s amusement area—quadruple the year before, the highest numbers since the old Steeplechase amusement park closed almost half a century ago. But this summer saw a drop in attendance of more than 20 percent, to 11 milllion.

Don’t blame Luna Park, the Post reports. Its attendance numbers rose more than 40 percent, to 640,000 from 450,000. People took 2 million individual rides as opposed to 1.7 million the year before. The Scream Zone, a multi-roller coaster complex that opened this year, probably accounts for the uptick in Luna Park visits.

So what’s with the lower overall numbers then?

It was the unusually wet summer. I found this Accuweather headline from August: “NYC Gets Two Months Worth of Rain in One Day.” There were daily accumulations of precipitation levels that were literally off the charts I just looked at. “More people hit the amusement parks [but] fewer hit the beaches and boardwalk,” the tabloid reports. “Tropical Storm Irene shut down the boardwalk for a week, and other lousy weather also drained profits of seaside businesses.” Apparently people don’t go to the beach during a little tropical storm.