The Promise Ring to Reunite? (!!!!)

11/18/2011 2:43 PM |


In the 90s there was (maybe still is?) a magazine for 12 to 15-year-old girls who weren’t ballsy enough to be reading Teen and Seventeen yet but had far outgrown their subscription to American Girl. I think it was called Girl’s Life. Anyways, I definitely subscribed and definitely remember an “albums to hear” page — though it was probably called “CDs to hear” — that included The Promise Ring‘s breakout album, Nothing Feels Good. The accompanying blurb made it seem you’d be really into it if you dug art class at school. I sucked at art, but I knew I wanted to like it, and I had seen the album cover pop up in some issues of Rolling Stone and SPIN, so I begged my Mom to take me to Media Play and buy it. This suddenly matters because The Promise Ring joined Twitter today. It’s been about three hours, and they’ve already managed to rack up 900 followers with just one message: “Hello, again…”

So the speculation begins. This means they’re reuniting, right? Why else would they join Twitter after being dormant since 2002? (I’m ignoring half of the band’s involvement in Maritime for the moment.) It just makes so much sense for them to tour next year. If Sebadoh can do it, and Pavement can do it, and Archers of Loaf can do it, and The Pixies can keep doing it, than emo’s finest deserve it too. Fingers crossed for some more news from their camp soon.

Nothing Feels Good‘s follow-up, Very Emergency, was actually their best album though, everybody knows that:

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  • I went to a Maritime concert a few years ago at Mercury Lounge and during a break in the set someone in the back started yelling song titles from “Very Emergency” and another attendee yelled back, “Stop living in 1994!” At which point, Davey von Bohlen noted to the crowd that “I wish it was still 1994” (or something to that effect). It was awesome.

    The Promise Ring reuniting would obviously be the best thing to happen ever. Or the best thing since they got together the first time.

  • Larissa Explains It All. (Always wanted to use that joke; it seems like the right time, seeing has much as I agree with your comment.)