Who Should Star in the Joe Strummer Biopic? Here Are Some Ideas

11/23/2011 1:03 PM |


So now that French filmmaker and actress Julie Delpy has signed on to direct The Right Profile, a biopic of Clash frontman Joe Strummer (also a track from London Calling), there seems to be a public outcry from blog commenters begging that James Franco not be cast in the lead role, which is confusing because I thought we were all supposed to that guy. Fair enough though. Keeping in mind that the movie is reportedly an account of Strummer’s life from when he disappeared out of the public eye in 1982 until his death in 2002, we’d like to offer up a few suggestions based mostly on similar haircuts but some other things too, like acting ability.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Never one to shy from a chance to accumulate indie cred and a self-proclaimed music obsessive (with seemingly adequate guitar skills), the role seems right up his alley.


Sam Riley
He was spot-on as Ian Curtis in 2007’s Control, even nailed Curtis’ little dance, a feat that won him all sorts of “rising star” accolades among the press. Bonus for being the lead singer of a former band called 10,000 Things; extra bonus for being British and not having to fake the accent.


He’s the lead in nine out of ten Hollywood biopics, so why not. And in this photo here, Strummer is definitely sporting Titanic hair.


Giovanni Ribisi
His make-believe actor life and actual real-person life are both tangled in the music industry, with him appearing in videos for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Keane, being romantically linked to Chan Marshall, and having Beck as a brother-in-law. Plus, I’ve just always liked the guy.


A professional actor wearing a cardboard mask of a young Bruce Springsteen
Look at this picture of Strummer. Now look at this picture of Springsteen. They were separated at birth.


He already has all the right jackets.


Ethan Hawke
Delpy has worked with Hawke on Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (and possibly on a third film in the series), so he has that going for him, as does a magical ability of looking young one day and old the next. Perfect for a biopic spanning 20 years.


Alex Turner (of the Arctic Monkeys)
No clue if this guy can act, and this isn’t necessarily an endorsement for his band, but, hey, he certainly looks the part, and NME would be besides themselves.

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