Yup, Jeff Mangum Adds a Third Show at BAM

11/29/2011 4:01 PM |

Look familiar yet?

  • Look familiar yet?

I’m not sure the exact number of public appearances a person has to partake in to be considered a non-recluse, but I’m pretty sure Jeff Mangum is in the ballpark. Remember when he played that one show in a Bushwick loft around this time last year and no one tweeted about it, which made people flip the F out? The good ol’ days, am I right? Though, maybe not. No matter if you’re part of the camp who feels the recent splurge of Jeff Mangum shows is taking away from his mystique, or you’re part of the camp who just doesn’t care, we’re being spoiled by him adding a third show in our neck of the woods. This one, also happening at what may well be the borough’s most elegant venue, will be on January 19 — that’s the day before his two previously announced shows at BAM (both sold out, hence the third). Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

Tip: If I learned anything from the emotional roller coaster trying to score tickets to those first two shows at BAM, it’s that their website is kooky. It wouldn’t let me click on “purchase” after filling out the required info fields. Stick with it though. It eventually worked, and I imagine will be well worth the hassle come the cold, dark days of late January.

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  • Found out about this through a facebook post the day of and managed to snag a ticket. Kind of super excited and glad a Thursday was added. : )