Abandoned Bikes Speak, Sadly, on AbandonedBikeNYC

12/16/2011 3:03 PM |

Saddest bike ever. (Courtesy AbandonedBikeNYC)

  • Saddest bike ever. (Courtesy AbandonedBikeNYC)

Few features of the New York City streetscape are as sad as an abandoned bike, its frame sitting dutifully by the bike rack or signpost to which it’s been locked, its tires, if not spirited away by a wheel thief, thoroughly deflated. Their silent sadness is powerful and affectingly eloquent, but imagine if they could speak!

The blog AbandonedBikeNYC gives voice to the city’s forlorn bicycles, its creator posting sad, sad messages (and QR codes) on lonely two-wheelers all over the city, like “What did I do to deserve this?” and “Why did you lock me if you were never coming back?” The site describes itself thusly:

Abandoned Bike NYC aims to help people connect to abandoned bikes in a more emotional way to prevent abandoned bikes in the future and to raise people’s awareness of the presence of abandoned bikes in our city.

It does that and so much more—namely, move you to tears. Somebody, please, turn this blog into a wall calendar.