B61 Route Getting New Shelters to Make Long Waits Less Strenuous

12/19/2011 11:31 AM |

(Photo: rsguskind/Flickr)

  • A B61 stop in Red Hook. (Photo: rsguskind/Flickr)

In what amounts to an admission on the MTA’s part of the notoriously slow B61 route’s notorious slowness—recently confirmed beyond anecdotal evidence by Councilman Brad Lander’s report—the transit agency has announced that, while wait times won’t be changing, riders will soon have more accommodating spaces in which to wait for their bus.

By September 2012, the Brooklyn Paper reports, the MTA will be adding new shelters to chronically bus-less stops “at Van Brunt Street and Hamilton Avenue; Columbia and Warren streets and Lorraine and Hicks streets.”

Not surprisingly, local residents saw through the cosmetic solution, complaining that what Red Hook and the Columbia Waterfront District need isn’t nicer spaces in which to wait for their chronically insufficient public transportation—currently, only the B61 serves the neighborhoods, and Lander’s report found that only 43 percent of rush hour B61 buses ran on time—but more reliable transportation options. As Columbia Waterfront District resident Brad Kerr said: “Shelters make it a little better — but it doesn’t address the real problem: Crowding and infrequent buses.”

If only there were another, more reliable transportation option for the area, like a trolley or something…