Bensonhurst Middle School Leads City in Sexting Suspensions

12/20/2011 2:10 PM |

Whole lotta sextin goin on

  • Whole lotta sextin’ goin’ on

Now that we know sexting is nothing to panic about, let’s start panicking: Edward B. Shallow Junior High School in Bensonhurst is “ground zero for the war on sexting,” the Post reports. The school suspended more students for sexting—which apparently the department of education forbids even during non-school hours—than any other school in the city. Five hundred schools issued suspensions for sexting violations, but only 13 issued more than 10; Shallow issued 32.

Obviously, it’s not because Shallow’s students are more lascivious than their peers, but because Principal Brenda Champion (haha) has a “zero-tolerance policy,” as the school’s PTA president told the paper.

The Post has the lurid details of sexting:

Some Shallow students are deep into sexting, several told The Post. [Deep? Ew, why is the Post always so gross.]

One girl said a boy classmate pressured another girl into texting him a picture of her breasts. The photo was forwarded to other students.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it. It was her boobs,” one girl said.