British Politician Does Bachelor Party Wrong

12/12/2011 11:25 AM |

See? Theyre having fun with nary an SS uniform in sight.

  • See? They’re having fun with nary an SS uniform in sight.

Look, bachelor and bachelorette parties bring out the stupid in all of us. Surely we all know somebody who has “accidentally” chugged moonshine because he “thought it was vodka,” blacked out, and came to peeing out of a van in the parking lot of a strip club called Cheeks. That’s to be expected. But maybe don’t go to one dressed as a Nazi, especially if a member of parliament is going to be there. Right?

The video captured the camaraderie at a bachelor party earlier this month. The celebrating men sat around a table at a restaurant in the French Alps, making toasts. But something was amiss. One jovial toast appeared to refer to the ”Third Reich.” One man was dressed as a Nazi Waffen SS officer in full regalia. And next to him was a member of the British Parliament.

Come on, Britain. What is it with you and dressing like Nazis? Knock it off.

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