Brooklyn’s Dirtiest Parks

12/21/2011 1:10 PM |


For the last three years, parks in the Canarsie-Flatlands-Marine Park area have gotten the lowest grades in the city for cleanliness and general conditions, the Daily News reports. For the latter, fewer than half of the area’s parks received passing grades, the lowest in the city by far; the citywide average is 83 percent passing. Just over half of the parks were acceptably clean, compared to a 66 percent average in other areas of Brooklyn and an 87 percent average citywide.

The problem is money: since 2008, when the economy went kaput, parks department funding has been slashed—notice how tall the grass gets before they cut it?

Also unique to the area is the abundance of parkland. Marine Park and Canarsie Park account for 1,000 acres, which can draw the department’s attention away from smaller nearby parks and playgrounds.

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